What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is a high-tech sport where players are wearing computerised vests & handheld phasors in an attempt to achieve a high score by zapping other players, base stations & other targets within our amazing maze.

Do I need any special training / skills?

No previous experience is necessary. We have highly skilled game masters and they will go through a full briefing on how to use the vest and phasor as well as fully explaining any safety rules. they will also answer any questions you have.

How Many Players Do I Need To Play at Megazone Whangaparaoa?

You can play a specialist "stealth" game with as little as 2 players or a more advanced game with up to 30 players (10 Players per team) Team Colours - Blue, Red & Green.

Birthday Parties are best with 6 or more players and you don't need an even number of players 

How Long Is A Game?

Each standard game consists of 15 minutes of actual arena time. We allow a 5 minute change-over time so games are run every 20 minutes. Before your first game, there will also be a comprehensive safety & demonstration briefing where our Megazone Team will explain the operation of the vests & arena devices as well as outlining the safety rules.
When you play more than one game, you will have a one game rest between your games.  When planning your visit to Megazone Whangaparaoa booking staff will give you an arrival time, please allow yourself a minimum of –
1 X Game - 30 minutes
2 X Games - 1 hour 
3 X Games - 1 hour 30 minutes
4 X Games - 2 hours 

(Please allow an extra hour for each of the above if you have booked a party room option)

Is There Any Age Restrictions On Playing Laser Tag?

No, we do however have a guideline of 7yrs and above, due to height regulations.  You are welcome to bring your child down to Megazone Whangaparaoa & try the size of the vest on your child.
There is no maximum age to play the game - even grandparents can have a go & we encourage this. 

Do You Need To Be Physically Fit To Play Laser Tag?

Laser Tag can be played at your own pace.  There is no reason to be rushing around the arena (in fact, we don't allow you to run). 
As long as you are comfortable with light walking for 15 minutes and you can walk up our ramps, then you're probably fit enough to play.  Of course, as only you can be a judge of whether you are able to play - the final responsibility rests with you.

Is Laser Tag Played In The Dark?

Laser Tag is played in a darkened environment, but it is not pitch black.
The arena is well lit with black lights which allow the fluorescent paints & materials to glow brightly.  Your eyes soon become adjusted to the light level so you are able to see quite well.

If you have an entire group that would prefer not play in the darken environment we do have a standard lighting set up but of course the lighting effects etc won't show up.  

Are Protective Glasses Worn During Play?

The lasers used in the game are very low power & only flash for a very brief time. The equipment has been tested to meet appropriate standards of safety for lasers around the world including New Zealand.

What Protective Clothing Is Required?

Megazone laser tag is physical & appropriate footwear must be worn.  
We recommend sneakers with good grip.  ALL SHOES MUST BE ENCLOSED.  No bare feet, no flip flops / Jandels, no sandals, no high heels.  
Please come with suitable footwear to avoid disappointment as we reserve the right to refuse entry.  If in doubt, please contact us for further information.

Does Laser Tag Hurt When You Are Tagged By Another Player?

The only way you know you have been hit is when your vest tells you & it shuts down for a period of time.

Can We Play Laser Tag As A Team?

Megazone Laser Tag may be played as either an individual (Solo) game or as a team game.  Megazone Whangaparaoa can play in a 2 or 3 team format and we are able to run “Round Robins” for larger groups.  It enables players to think about tactics, strategy & teamwork.

Do You Have A Range Of Different Game Formats?

We have a number of different games that we can play.  However, these games can become quite complex so they are generally reserved for members on Members' Nights & for specific purposes such as Corporate Team Building Exercises.

Safety Information & Regulations 

Megazone laser tag is a physical activity played in a dimly-lit multi-levelled arena filled with ramps, obstacles, Lighting effects, music & other players.
All players judge themselves fit & properly attired to play.
All players assume full responsibility for their actions at all times. All players assume full responsibility for any injuries or property damage.  By playing Megazone laser tag, all players agree to follow the rules & regulations either displayed within Megazone or instructions from any Megazone team member.


LED Strobe lights (these are able to be turned off for any health reasons) and laser lights are used in our arena.  By entering our premises, you consider yourself medically fit to do so.  Megazone does not take responsibility for health problems that occur within the centre.
We advise against playing if you are pregnant or if there may be a possibility of being pregnant only because of the physical nature of the game.


Megazone sites have been designed with the safety & security of our players specifically in mind. We follow OSH guidelines to ensure any risks to players are minimised.

When are you open during School & Public Holidays

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