Arcade machines

Megazone Whangaparaoa is equipped with a large variety of arcade machines, claw cranes, pool tables and other attractions to keep you entertained before, after or in between your Laser Tag match.

Arcade Games we currently have include: Razing Storm (shooting game with machine guns), House of the Dead 4 (A zombie shooting game), Big Buck Safari (game hunting shooting game), Time Crisis 3 (Hand gun shooting game), Air Hockey, Dr. Dude Pinball, Dragon Punch (physical punching game), Final Furlong (horse racing game), Thrill Drive 2 (race simulator), Midnight 3 (street racing simulator), Golden Tee (Golf game).

Crane or Prize Games we currently have include: Deal or No Deal (a redeemable ticket game), Chocolate Factory (crane game with chocolates), Time Buster (prize game), Toy Soldier 2 (rugby ball crane game), Everyone Wins (toy and lolly crane game) and Quality Toys (soft toy crane game).

We also have two pool tables and a foosball table - so as you can see there is definitely something for everyone. Coming soon will be a selection of redemption games where you can convert your in-game success with real life prizes!